12 hidden benefits that make SEO an absolute necessity for every business 

Brands including startups and SMEs understand value of SEO but they limit its advantages to improving searchability and visibility. It’s true that SEO highlights the presence of digital properties but its advantages aren’t limited to boosting visibility.

Here’re 12 reasons for businesses irrespective of their industry or size should implement SEO techniques. These reasons highlight importance of SEO for a business and force businesses to put focus on their SEO strategies.   

  1. Organic traffic is the primary source of website traffic

Organic search determines a website’s performance. An important element of the buyer funnel, it helps visitors in completing conversions. Also, it is well-known that Google controls a large part of web traffic.

It isn’t that other search engines, including Yahoo, which is also a popular search engine don’t have any share in web traffic but that Google captures the lion’s share of around 75% of web traffic.

Another advantage of the Google suite is its email service, which is the most popular email service in the world, and YouTube which has become the second largest search engine for searching information.

High visibility on Google and its products and other search engines will work in favor of your brand. With quality SEO, you can certainly push your website towards success.

  1. Become trustworthy and credible 

The objective of SEO is to prepare a strong foundation for a web business and make it visible for the target audience. Visibility builds trusts and credibility in the long run. But you need to work on different metrics like accumulating backlink profiles, developing positive user behavior and optimizing on-page elements and content.

Building authority requires patience and commitment in addition to providing a product/service that scores high on quality and that targeted customers find acceptable.

  1. Better user experience 

Visibility will increase traffic, but for conversion, you need to provide a better user experience. This is where Google can help. Google understands how to interpret the experience of a user. Quality SEO revolves around improving user experience of visitors and in this way, optimization works in the favor of brands.

  1. Increase user engagement and conversion with local SEO 

Mobile traffic is dominating  digital media because it focuses on local search that plays a crucial role in the success of a business. Especially small and medium-sized businesses.

Local SEO optimizes digital properties for visibility in a targeted area such as towns, cities and even regions. Customers using mobile search find businesses they can access. In this way, businesses can connect to their customers and increase conversions.

  1. Strengthen the buying cycle 

People want brands to be present where they need them. Local SEO increases accessibility by connecting customers with businesses but customers do their research before clicking on websites. Here it would be right to say that everyone has a preference and SEO is the only way to offer groundbreaking deals and proofs of dependability such as client testimonials.

  1. Stay updated 

Optimizing sites is a good idea but is should be a continuous effort instead of a once-in-a-month effort. Google re-evaluates sites again and again; it releases hundreds of algorithmic updates every year and it rewards sites that keep  updated. If you carry out regular SEO on your site (or get an SEO agency to do it for you) your stand a much better chance of gaining a high listing and more traffic.

  1. Understand environment of the web 

The biggest challenge with web business is to stay relevant to the environment that is ever changing. To get business from the web, you need to stay on the top or at least on Page 1 of Google results. Without a quality SEO campaign to help you your chances of success are diminished.

Also, studying SEO would help in understanding the strategies of your counterparts who could be in a better position than you are. SEO would simplify their tactics for your convenience.

  1. SEO is a cheaper marketing exercise 

Optimizing sites requires monetary investment in the form of fees to pros. But it pays rich dividends that will become even better in the years to come iff you take care of the SEO framework  now and work continuously to strengthen the framework.

When compared to other marketing activities, SEO comes out as a cheaper alternative and its great advantage is that it is more reliable than others. It is  a smart investment that gives excellent results in the long run. For example, it would boost acceptance of your brand by adding value to the brand.

  1. A long-term strategy 

SEO has a long-term impact on your site. The action taken in the first year would keep your site active for the years to come. Of course, there would be changes in Google algorithm but you can include those changes in your site and follow the guidelines framed by Google. Also, you don’t need a load of SEO actions to push your site up on SERPs as a simple basic SEO practices coupled with a great site design and improve user experience could work for you.

  1. SEO results are quantifiable 

SEO becomes quantifiable with proper tracking and analytics. The problem in connecting the dots to make a bigger picture is solved to a greater context with the help of Google Analytics tool. You can connect actions with results and in this way have a better idea on how SEO is working for your site.

SEO pros know how to connect the dots to link actions to results for a clear understanding of performance of brands. In your case, you could see where you started; where you were; where you are and where you are heading. You can take it as an opportunity to steer your business towards success.

  1. Find new opportunities 

SEO opens new avenues of growth. The insight you get about your business; about competition; about competitors and the digital environment gives you the power to unearth the opportunities you can take advantage of. But you need dedicated a team of professionals to take care of your SEO work to achieve this.

  1. Be on Page 1 

A recent study on digital marketing revealed that the first three organic search rankings get about 40% of total click-throughs but 30% of results in Page 1 and 2 receive no clicks.

It highlights two situations

  • If you aren’t getting clicks, you  probably aren’t on Page 1 or 2
  • Search results differ from the search query

It is only with SEO that you can achieve first page ranking and visibility on targeted keywords.


SEO is needed for making a strong foundation for growth of a brand and its digital properties. SEO show the way to improve web presence and leave digital footprints for the customers to follow. With SEO, you can take advantage of the available data that has been generated by rivalling sites.

SEO takes some time in giving results but if you look at the added advantages, you will find that websites keep achieving results from time to time. But you need to be consistent on your efforts and employ a professional for the job. It is better to let an expert SEO team lead your SEO strategy to success.