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FACT: There are approx. 3.5 billion searches made every day on Google.

FACT: 40% - 50% of ALL Google searches result in an Ad Click!

Too often when we speak to companies about Google Ads in particular and Pay Per Click advertising in general, we hear the response that "it's too expensive" or just "it doesn't work".

Clearly, with advertising revenues exceeding $100 billion per year, Google Ads is working for some people (and not just Google) otherwise revenues would be a fraction of that amount.

The reason that some companies have a bad experience with Google Ads is mainly down to preparation. Although on the face of it, Google Ads seems quite simple to set up and use, the reality is that it takes time and energy to ensure that you pay the lowest amount possible for the highest number of clicks.

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Most people have no idea that when a search is made in Google, in the time it takes to produce the results - which as you will know is next to no time - Google carries out an auction to decide which Ads it will show in the paid for spaces above and below the main search results. The best quality ads that match the search query are the ones shown in the best places and get most clicks. Yet despite popular belief, the advertisers of those ads also pay less per click than ads further down the page! This is because those ads and their associated keywords have a high quality score. Ads with lower quality scores pay more per click.

Case Study: Vivafit

We took over an Ads campaign for a European company selling Ladies only gym franchises. Their campaign was bringing in results but was costing them a lot for each converted click. Our brief was to increase the number of conversions and bring the cost down. As the table below shows, we decreased the monthly spend by about 500€ per month, increased the number of conversions and cut the cost per conversion by about 75€ in September and by about 100€ in October compared to August. This trend continued and we settled on a conversion cost of around 50€ after approx. 6 months.


Having the time to spend working out the most efficient way of advertising on Google so you don't end up spending loads of money with little return is not always possible for most people because it can be time consuming and gets in the way of their day job. Google Ads IS our day job! We put our skills and experience into making sure that your advertising works for you. We also feed back to you the results of the campaigns in an easy to understand format so that you can accurately measure the success and the return on your investment.

If your business is considering advertising on Google (or other PPC platforms), ask us about how we can help you get the most bang for your buck! (or most clicks for your budget).

The amount that you need to spend each month will very much depend on the business you are in and what you wish to advertise. For example, advertising Nike Trainers for a sports shop will be much more competitive and require a higher budget than selling entries to a cycling event (both of which we have run campaigns for). Most of our clients that have not used Ads previously tend to start with a fairly low budget but very often when they see the success that the ads generate, they increase the budget to win even more enquiries.

We charge a set up fee to write and create the ads and do keyword research. The amount will depend on the campaign you wish to run and the monthly budget you have. (The bigger the budget, the more adverts we have to write). We also charge a monthly management fee starting at £50.00 but this will again depend on the budget that you spend and the amount of work we will need to do each month.

Is your business a Non Profit?

We work with Non Profit organisations to utilise Google Ad Grants. Google offers Non Profits up to $10,000 per month to use on Google Ads advertising. Imagine what your organisation could do with $10,000 each month. It could be used to recruit volunteers, attract donations and share your story with people around the world - with no cost to you!

We’ll help you leverage your Google Ad Grant as a starting point for a scaleable, comprehensive digital marketing strategy. We’ll work with you to outline short term and long term goals, build the necessary advertising campaigns to achieve those goals, and provide guidance on content, messaging, and conversion rate optimization.

We’re not just going to help you spend your Google Ad Grant budget… We’re going to build and manage campaigns that will attract the types of visitors that will truly benefit your cause.

Call us today for a free, no obligation chat about your campaign. We will also review existing campaigns and manage them for you..