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Website Hosting

Website hosting is a very important part of our business. We host hundreds of websites on our dedicated servers all of which demand fast, reliable service.

Our servers are housed in dedicated hosting centres with 24/7 back up and engineers on standby to ensure that in the rare event of a problem service is resumed quickly with the minimum of disruption.

To ensure that the speed of your website is optimum, we own our own dedicated servers, meaning that only Satsuma clients are hosted on them. We only have a relatively small number of sites compared the the thousands that are hosted on shared servers with major hosting companies.

We can host sites built on any platform and in any programming language. We also host mobile apps built using .Net on a Windows server.

Hosting starts from as little as £150.00 per year. This includes full back up and support should any problems arise. You will never need to speak to a customer service team offshore or try to sort things yourself via a FAQ page.