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We are pleased to have built a mobile app for R C Services South West, who work extensively for Skanska, the major building services provider.

RCS receive daily job sheets from Skanska in the form of PDF documents via email. These are directed into a specific email account which is linked to the app. The PDF docuent contents are taken by the app and converted into content for the administrator.

Once a job is added to the app, the administrator can then allocate the work to any of the operatives under his control. The operative is notified that a new job has arrived and can click on the job in his own login area to view the details.

When the operative visits the site of the job, he can start a timer on the app to begin charging time and when complete the person responsible in the building where the job was carried out can sign the screen to confirm it has been carried out and to agree the time taken. Once this has been done the job can be signed off as complete and the administrator can action an invoice.

Jobs that cannot be completed in one visit (new parts required for example) can be carried over and restarted as required.

"This is a very simple application that cuts out paperwork and speeds up the process of getting operatives to receive their schedules and complete jobs and ultimately for the company to issue an invoice. We have been delighted with this app, as have our major suppliers of work, Skanska." Chris White, MD R C Services South West Ltd.

We have an agreement to modify this app for other service providers and we can licence it to your company. Please contact us for details.