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It's a very worrying time when you find out that your website has been hacked. Your initial thoughts will almost certainly include "will I need to rebuild my website" and "will I lose all of my customers".

Hacked website

How search engines will show your web site listing if it has been hacked.

Although website hacks are very common, fortunately the vast majority are able to be rectified within a day or so. The hacks that you hear about on TV or read about, where someone has managed to obtain access to NASA or the FBI are fortunately very rare and are much different to the type of hack experienced by the vast majority of businesses.

The aim of the most hackers who infiltrate business websites is not to steal information but to use the website as a kind of proxy to promote another website. We have seen a website for a cycle shop suddenly start showing pages for hair extensions for example. More often than not, the infected website will start blasting out spam emails which will result in your website and the server it is located on being blacklisted by Internet Service Providers (ISPs). This allows the hacker to get away with illegal actions whilst you get the blame and suffer the consequences.

If you see a message like the one above when you look for your website on a search engine, get in touch with us and we can fix the problem quickly and with little cost to you.

We offer a fixed rate fee of £199.00 to investigate and fix the hack for you. 

We will remove infected files and upgrade vulnerable elements of your website to ensure that the same thing cannot happen again. If your website is old and is likely to be very vulnerable to further attacks, we will fix the immediate problem and give you details of what is vulnerable and how best to secure the site in future. This may be as simple as upgrading some of the programming or a complete rebuild of the website in the most extreme cases.

In most instances, your website will not crash after a hack and unless someone looks for it on a search engine and sees a message similar to the one above, most people will not even know that the hack has happened. We will be able to fix the problem usually within 24 hours of being asked.

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