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We are Remarketing Experts!

Whether you call it Remarketing or Retargeting, this is BIG business!

As any sales person knows, the best and easiest people to sell to are your existing customers. Finance managers also love selling to this group because the cost of acquisition is a fraction of that needed to win a new client.

Remarketing is the way that your business can target individuals that have visited your website previously. After visiting your website, a cookie, which contains a tracking code is placed on their browser. Then, when they visit other websites that display adverts, an advert for your goods can be displayed.

As we regularly buy domains for our clients using the 123-REG website, their advert was displayed on the BBC Sports pages when next visited:


Not only can you target all visitors who come to your website but you can even break down the visitors into targeted groups. As you can see above, 123-REG have targeted us with an offer for cheap domain names because we regularly visit their site to buy domains. What they haven't done is try to target us with a hosting advertisement because we never visit their pages about hosting as we own our own dedicated web server. Other clients of theirs who may visit the hosting page on their website may be targeted with a different advert.

What this means for your business is that you can effectively target individuals browsing trends to offer them products which you know from previous browsing history that they may be interested in.

If you are interested in buying a product, do you check it out on various websites to see reviews and who is offering the best deal? Many people do, so presenting them with your product after they have seen it on your website will result in a higher likelihood of making a sale.

Here are some stats of a Digital Advertising account that we have been running for one of our clients:

For this account, Remarketing accounted for 18.67% of all conversions over the past six months, at only 12.23% of the total cost. 

It has only 81.33% of the average click cost compared to Google Adwords, and only 75.88% of the average conversion cost. 

Of all campaign types in this account, it also had the highest conversion rate. 

As you can see, conversions are higher and cost less than those sales generated by other forms of online advertising. This includes Display Ads and Google Adwords text ads.

We will set up your Remarketing campaign for you based on your sales objectives. We look after the account to ensure that you pay the minimum possible for clicks through to your website but receive the best return possible.

If your business wants to sell more, for a lower cost of sale, try Remarketing!

Contact us to discuss your objectives and setting up a campaign.