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Since the middle of 2014, the use of mobile devices to access websites has exceed that of desktop and laptop use. The growth of the Internet via mobile devices is massive and keeps growing year on year.

Still only about 40% of websites have been optimised to work well on mobile devices despite the huge use. This means that businesses who still run what we call a PC style website are potentially missing out on lots of business.

Why? Try looking at a website that has not been optimised for mobile use using a mobile phone. What you see is a compressed version of what you would see if you were looking at the site on a PC. In order to find what you are looking for, you need to expand the page and scroll around. Annoying isn't it? That's why most people that visit sites that aren't mobile friendly quickly leave the site and look elsewhere, meaning the site owner loses out on potential business.

The modern way of building websites is to make them "Responsive". Responsive websites detect the type of browser you are using and adjusts the style of the website to fit it perfectly. The style may be slightly different to the PC version, with the navigation menu in particular being set up differently but it will be simple to use, images and text will be displayed in the correct resolution so they are clear and it will mean no need to expand the page to see what you want.

Every site that we build nowadays is responsive, there is no point in building them so they are only suitable on certain devices.

Take a look at some of the sites we have built recently. It's worth viewing them on a mobile and on a PC to see the difference.