Burning Money!

Does your business post to Facebook?

When you make a post you probably see the notification show saying “Boost this post”. If you click the button Facebook will then tell you how your post could reach another 5000 people or so by paying, say £20.00.

£20.00 doesn’t see like a lot to reach another 5000 (or whatever the figure they tell you) people. Must be worth a go, right?

Unfortunately not. What Facebook doesn’t tell you is that the 5000 people aren’t necessarily your target audience. The vast majority of people who see it will probably have little or no interest in your business or product. You may as well set fire to that £20.00! Choosing the correct target audience is key to successfully advertising on Facebook (or anywhere else for that matter).

Boosting a post is a very simple way of “advertising” on Facebook but if you are serious about wanting to get your business or products in front of the right people don’t do it.

What you should be doing, and what is proven to be very successful when done correctly is advertising on Facebook using the Business Manager portal. It’s not as simple as the Click here to boost your post but using the Ads Manager within Business Manager will allow you to target the right audience for you products.

You can target gender, age groups, location, interests… the list goes on.  You can limit your daily spend to an affordable rate so you won’t get caught into a long contract with high spend for no return. You can stop the ads at any time so you are completely in control.

Facebook ads are proven to work. For every £1.00 you spend on advertising you should get at least £5.00 back. We have clients who have shown returns of £20.00+ for some campaigns. All it takes is careful set up at the beginning and time when the ads are running to look after them, adjust anything that isn’t working and be flexible in your methods.

Not everyone has time to do that of course, which is where we come in. If you need a good quality Facebook Ads specialist, then you should speak to us. We have been advertising on Facebook (and other platforms) for years and know what works and what doesn’t. We can get you a return on your investment!